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The brewers from Het Brouwerslokaal, Dr. Beer and Blend present:


Marckensteijn, Dr Beer and blend bringing you FOODBREW, a collaboration where all forces are joined to give you an extraordinairy evening filled with beer and food. A 6 course menu, where all dishes are paired with the best craftbeers from Zeelands pride Marckensteijn, but also from top beers around the globe. You are welcome on the evenings of Sunday 19 and Monday 20 March at De Drie Koningen in Groede!


Only 80 spots available, divided over these two night.


Book your table through the reservation form below.


In short:

  • 6 beers, carefully selected en beautifully explained at your table
  • 6 course menu, perfectly matched with the beers
  • 40 seats a night, makes 80 in total
  • €125,- p/person

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Stay in Groede

If you would like to stay over for one or more nights near Groede, we advise you to contact the following B&B’s or small Hotels:


B&B De Reiziger:

Markt 2 te Groede

+31 (0) 6 40 839 547


Herberg De Natte Pij:

Slijkstraat 1 te Groede

+31 (0) 117 37 66 33